Mask Lanyards & Mask Storages


Mask Storages Case silicon Face-Mask organizer, Portable Dustproof Pocket, Contains Adjustable Elastic Mask Lanyards with Clips, Comfortable Around The Neck Rest Ear Saver, Colorful, for Adult, Men, and Women, Kids

  • 😷KEEP YOUR MASK FACE: Mask lanyard is great for protecting Face Masks clean and it also helps you not to lose it anywhere.
  • 😷ADJUSTABLE SIZE: The mask lanyard is adjustable that gives you maximum comfort and it fits for all ages, men, women, teens & kids. The length of the mask lanyard is 12.2 inches (31cm).
  • 😷LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The size of mask storage is 4.37in × 5.6in (11cm × 14.5cm), and it is also lightweight and easy to use.
  • 😷ECO-FRIENDLY & HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: The mask storage is made of Eco-friendly material (Silicone) & the Mask rope is made of high-quality durable materials. The storage case is soft, waterproof & resistant to high temperature as well.
  • 😷INCLUDED: The box includes adjustable mask ropes and portable mask storages. It does not include any masks. The portable mask box is special for your disposable or reusable masks. Simply put it into your pocket or bag and enjoy a hygiene mask.
  • 😷MULTI-PURPOSE: The mask storage is a portable storage case that can be used to store masks and also small items such as coins, cards, etc.
  • 😷COLORFUL PERFECT SETS: colorful Mask Lanyards with mask storage bags of Blue, Green, Pink & White.



4 mask storages & 4 Mask Ropes, 10 Mask Ropes & 2 Mask Storages